Kanu Patel

Managing Director

CFO and principal owner of Affluent Wealth Management Group with over 21 years of professional experience in the financial services industry with emphasis on wealth accumulation and preservation.

Kanu completed his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from India. He earned his Masters in Mechanical Engineering in California in 1991. He was surprised by the lack of knowledge the average person had about their own finances. Teaching others was his passion and so he started a career in Financial Services to educate and empower his clients to make informed decisions.Kanu started Affluent Wealth Management, which specializes in delivering premier, private wealth management advice to affluent families. Its innovative services help you prepare for life’s inevitable changes. He is recognized for his knowledge and experience in the financial industry and is a frequently sought after speaker and trainer. Kanu enjoys spending time with the family, traveling, and is passionate about reading and teaching. He participates actively in various community activities and is also involved in charities that promote education.