George Brown

Managing Director

From Banking and Engineering to Serving Business Owners and Institutions. George has spanned six decades of Service to Successful Entrepreneurs and Thriving Institutions

Always on the leading edge, George has experienced great successes and weathered Industry trials that many striving Executives and Organizations face from time to time, especially when their missions stand to make a significant impact for and upon their stakeholders. His exposure over the years to many difficult and challenging circumstances has sharpened his skills at assisting his clients to assume a “never give up” attitude. George’s greatest skill is in matching the best solutions to the most difficult problems, and persisting until success is achieved.

Now working with Cool Springs Financial, he is able to effectively deal with the needs of executives, business owners and professionals for a secure tax-free income. This same concept provides a unique method of retaining key personnel for any organization. His years of experience in engineering, consulting, corporate development, banking and financial services enables a broad perspective leading to precise applications of multiple strategies to achieve comprehensive long-term solutions.

George has a passion to support others in their endeavors to benefit their family, their institutions and especially the philanthropies they support.