Gary Wilberg

Managing Director

I've been blessed to accomplish so much over my business career. After 10 years of selling large complex systems to Fortune 100 Banks and Insurance Companies

Gary began a 17-year journey as a Business Owner. My experiences as an owner of 2 companies prepared me to bring valuable advice and guidance to my clients in now the final stage of my career. In 2007 I joined Northwestern Mutual and learned from some of the best how to use Life Insurance to accomplish both personal and corporate goals. Moving on from Northwestern I joined a good friend to build Izale Financial Group into a large regional firm. To capitalize on my passion of using Life Insurance to build large tax-free assets for both individuals and corporations, I now represent our countries most creative and sophisticated financial firms: Lombard International, Crown Global, and Cool Springs Financial. With Lombard International and Crown Global I can provide Private Placement Life Insurance to High Networth Families, and the most sophisticated GVA solutions to Institutional Investment Firms.

As a Managing Director with Cool Springs Financial, I can build retirement income, increase profitability, reward management teams, and achieve ownership transition goals. In my business planning practice, I help business owners, executives, and key employees with strategies for executive compensation, employee retention, bonus structures, etc., all designed with little to no cost to the company and little to no tax to the employee.