Gary Wilberg

Managing Director

Starting up and being successful as a Business Owner is an Adventure that can be just as exciting as motoring your yacht to Oregon, this I know from experience!

Gary Wilberg has extensive career helping business owners who are looking for strategies to reduce taxable income, build retirement income, increase profitability, reward management teams and achieve ownership transition goals. As the past CEO of two successful companies,  Gary attained the skills necessary to help his clients attract and retain the people they need for their companies’ success. Gary’s companies have been recognized as part of “The Fastest Growing Top 40” by the SFO Times. In 1995, he was recognized by the National Franchise Association as an “Industry Leader.”

Combining all the experience of Gary's career achievements, with his understanding of compensation, nonqualified benefits/corporate-owned life insurance (COLI) and plan design, he brings expertise to every transaction. Gary assists clients in their ongoing need to organize their businesses to outlive their founders.

Gary is a past Rotary president, is a Cub Scout leader and is enthusiastically helped his two boys on their journeys to Eagle Scout. Gary’s passions outside of his children and business is to have Adventures in life.  His experience in commissioning a 42’ Trawler and taking it on the Pacific Ocean for a 3 day journey to Oregon cemented his passion for more.  He is now planning on Exploring the Great Lakes and completing the Great Circle.